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  Welcome to Sankalpa + the Virtual Circle


We are so glad you are here. We are looking forward to this dive into yoga, mindfulness, mantra and so much more. Silvia and I love to work together so much that we wanted to create this practice circle to keep the tribe together: so we can all connect and live our best lives, together.

Every month, we will be circling around a topic for you to practice with; this month, our theme is SANKALPA, or INTENTION. We wanted to begin here, since this is this place from which our practices and lives radiate.


With Love + In Peace,

Silvia and Emily


Throughout the month, we will be posting content to support our theme: video practices, audio downloads, and so much more.

Remember to download the content you want to keep, since we will only keep up the most recent two months, before we take them down. This will keep this space spacious and easy to navigate.

Each month we will be offering a Facebook Live stream over at the Virtual Circle facebook group [our "temple space"]: those will be posted here as well for you to access.

APRIL'S FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT: FRIDAY APRIL 21ST @ 9 AM PACIFIC [go ahead and add it to your calendar]. We looking forward to connecting here in this space, and also over in the Facebook virtual temple!